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  1. Thats what I always say everything happends for a reason......

    I know but its so stressful and depressing and seeming like hardly no one cares if I am happy and I can't deal with all this streass and parents is trying to keep me away from Zach.... I think honestly I was meant to be with him...
  2. now death is not the key remember that. but remember that everything happens for a reason. everything takes time and pacients, one can not rush things, just remember to follow your heart and do what you wish and not what others force appon you, eithor threw sorro, anger, sepperation. you are who you are noone else knows you better then you.
  3. I still love Zach and really and truly want to get back with him but my family seeming like they are aginst it and saying I can't see him or go any where with him if he came over. Yes I am still with Roger but I feel like I made a mistake leaving Zach..... I feel so down and depressed and idk what to do.... I rather be dead then go throw all this...
  4. what is wrong my friend???????????????????????????????????????????? ????////
  5. I hate my life and starting to want to give up on love!!
  6. Its okay lol. Yeah I know hehe I am very happy about that! ttyl don't forget to call me.
  7. oh lol sorry. that is why you never got it then. but that is good you will be happy with the one you choose. instead of one that makes you feal guilty and unhappy.
  8. Yeah that's why I don't talk to him no more I am not going to let him talk to treat me like that no more I am sick of the drama and I am not going to take it any more. that's why I am happy that I am with someone who always make me smile and that I never fight with and is cause my boyfriend and I known each other for 6 yrs and dated before. you posted to yourself btw and not to me lol.
  9. Hey Jacob!!!! how are you today? I so can't wait to get home my boyfriend is picking my up at 3:15 and at 7;30 were going to the football game! its going to be so awsome! But umm hey guess what Zach called me up last night just to bitch at me and called me a bitch and shit and called me a cheater and I never cheat on any one he is such an ass hole I am so never talking to him ever again. I so don't need to be with a guy like that or friends with one that's an ass hole lol.
  10. Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOO LOOKING FORWORD TO YOUR CALL I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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