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  1. hi dj well i don't have it wont have it for a wile but you can call to say hi or w/e ^_^
  2. My name is Dj lol um ill text u this summer ok i hope i here from u
  3. ok but your ganna be waiting awhile my dad is ganna make me pay for it and i have to save up frist. 740 438 0990 theres my number so you keep in touch this summer if i wont be onz. oh btw waz your name???
  4. im 18 to i just turned though hey text me 2054542610
  5. i'm 18 and i'm in 11th grade going to be in 12th in aug.!!!!!! hbu?
  6. nice thats cool so how old r u and what grade r u in
  7. nice to meet you dj ^^ ummm just chat online hang out with some friends camping video games ect. hbu?.?
  8. was up dark sure ill be friend um jenny my name id dj and um wat do u lketo do
  9. hi fireland how are you? my name is jenny wanna be friends? i love your pic sasuke is so awsome!
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