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  1. i don't know why but every time i see a fly it trys to fly up my nose -.- lol
  2. Yeah lol............................................... ...........
  3. yeah i hear ya Xp it sucks....and all the bus!!!!!
    i don't mind some bugs
    but flys just....arggh
  4. Omg yes! I wanna go swimming so back I can't wait till summer!
    Its been rainy here v.v so yucky and nasty...
  5. sounds like fun
    the weather has been gettin so nice just makes you want to go nuts @o@ lol
    if i wasn't at work all the time i'd go swimming :/
  6. Oh wow I bet that was lots of fun XD
    Me I am just going to hangout with some friends.
  7. i will when i talk to Sabrina again ^^
    i'm good random as always lol
    kinda sore though me and some of my freinds were beaing the crap out of each other yesterday lol
  8. Oh my that's not good I hope both of you gets well soon then. ^ ^
    I always do XD
    So how is your day so far gonna do anything today?.?
  9. of course!!
    and plus there is a flu bug going around XP i'm kinda sick myself =.=
    you both remeber to drink lots of water lol
  10. I will tomorrow when I see her
    Awe how sweet sounds like you care about her. ^^ well that's nice and very sweet.
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