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  1. *blush* n-no prob ^.^
    ah have you heard of gaiaonline?
  2. Awe *hugs you* hehe thanks that's so sweet. *smiles*
  3. wow you and your friends a really cute!

    Roeses for all of you!!! XD
    ())-%--- ())-%--- ())-%---
  4. Oh yes I have a have a acct. I have been on there is so long maybe I know you if you have one?
    I liked a few ppl I knew on there was sweet and nice. I should go on there sometime today I kinda miss it lol.
  5. LOVED inuyasha!! lol
    hmm i didn't really get to watch FMA but from wat i did see it's a good show
    Ah have you heard of gaiaonline?
  6. Nice to meet you Chris! *smiles*
    Omg yes! i Love NARUTO! and
    death note
    one piece was a good show
    FMA is okay
  7. hey my name is Chris. I"m doing well. How about you.
    I like alot of anime, but if i had to say my top five
    Mahou Negima Sensei
    One piece
    Death note :3
    what kind do you like
  8. *smiles* Hello my name is Jenny how are you today^^
    So what kind of anime do you like?.?
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