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  1. I have been good thanks I just can't wait to get home and go out and hangout with a few friends. How have you been doing?
  2. hehhe i am sure it is going to be nice XD , so how have you been ? ^^ ... =^_^=
  3. Wow haha really I just like Hot Topic and a few other places in the mall it is a fun place to hangout thou. XD that would be funny if you lived were I was at and kinda cool.
  4. WOW !! that is very great you have a lot of things to do! he is very lucky guy to have a GF like you that understand him and the situation ^^ ... and that is a nice weekend but i am sure if i was in your place and went to the mall he will lose all his money and so i LOL i love shopping so for me i think mall is a very dangerous place LOL ... =^_^=
  5. Yeah I can't wait till I get to move in with him I don't have school on Friday and I might be going to the pumpkin show with a few friends on Thursday and this weekend Friday to Sunday I am going to be hanging out with my boyfriend and only sad part is have will have to wait till he gets off of work cause he works on the weekends.... Yeah he is working hard and saving his money. I am sure starting out is will be a rocky start getting a house and making that payments but it will get a bit easier I'm sure. Last weekend I just hanged out with my boyfriend and went to the fair that was lots of fun! Also, we hanged out at the mall for a lil bit. ^ . ^
  6. lol yeah my legs were the only problem LOL .. ooo really that is nice to move in with your boyfriend he must be a lucky man , is he working to save them money? it will be a little hard to get his own place don't you think ? .. ummm week end was very boring LOL i had to clean the house and everything after i came back from mum's friend house my little sister didn't do anything T____T ... what about you ^_^ .?? ... =^_^=
  7. Wow really well sounds like you had fun though only down side is your leg was hurting lol. College is getting ready to start for you oh good luck! I just really can't wait to finish school and move out! my boyfriend is saving up to get his own place and once I finish school I'ma ganna move in with him! So how was your weekend anything new?
  8. lucky you ^,^ ... for me ummm i stayed in my bother's uncle for 3 days XD so my legs are hurting me from shopping all the time with them LOL , and i am now back to home trying to get ready to college becasue it will start soon >,< ... =^_^=
  9. Yeah I am just so happy that I am out all this week been hanging out with my boyfriend all this week and weekend been going to the fair and hanging out so what have you been up to?
  10. thanx XD , don't worry the time will go fast ^^ and it will be sunday in no time ... i hope that for me too lol these days are very boring days >,< and nothing to do! ... =^_^=
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