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  1. that's cool i cant say if im friends or not with them but we get along pretty good and i have never had a problem with any of them either
  2. Yeah, I seen and there okay I am friends with one of them.............................................. .....................
  3. yeah it does look different but there still working on it though and i miss talking to people i knew from when i first joined hardly anyone is here any more from when i joined except for the mods and admin here and there pretty cool
  4. Omg I know! I miss getting on here and talking with friends and everything looks diff so its nice to be back on here..
  5. cool same here it has been forever since we have talked
  6. Hey ^_^ yeah everything is going fine thanks I hope ur doing good hope to hear 4rm u soon!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. dropping another message to say hey hope its going good with you
  8. its been a very long time i know but i finaly made it back and hope things are going good for you , things are ok with me i have just been going in circles lately
  9. Hey long time no chat how have you been anything new going on with chu?
  10. thana and happy 4th of july to you as well and hope your day went good too
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