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  1. Yeah, that's awful I am getting ready to post my new poem about my complicated relationship him and I are on a brake and may lead to a brake up
  2. Well a girl i knew thinks im cheating on her and because of that everyone hates me, dam i wasnt even cheating. hate my life
  3. Yeah I am goth like lol. Life has been kinda good I guess just been really depressed.... How did u mess urs up? and yesit does..
  4. hey dark angle, hows life going, just messed up mine, dam, life just sucks.
  5. yeah i know, so your kinda goth-like right...............
  6. Yeah, ppl think just cause your emo you cut your self and that's not always the case...
  7. well when im walking around school, i usually keep my head down and keep my hood on from my red and black sweater. i guess thats why people sees me as emo and deppressed. But i dont actually cut myself.
  8. I need to update those pics lol but I am I sometimes don't dress like it depending on my mood is how I dress most of the time.
  9. really? you dont really look like it at all.........
  10. I kinda am I am more goth then emo thou.. I been thinking lately that I made a mistake leaving my ex I might be going back out with him...
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