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  1. Okay cool sounds awesome ^^ ..........................
  2. yh kwl and if it is me i will send u a msg bk so u no its is me
  3. Oh you added me?.? I really don't remember..... I will have to look send me a message on fb and I will know its you kay.
  4. its goin ok what was the name of thee person dat added u on fb was it matthew liam taggart if it was it was me
  5. Hey kaiba waz up hows your day going so far???????????
  6. Yeah, I think I saw that one I didn't like it really to well though. Oh hey did you add me to facebook????? I had someone add me I didn't know if it was you..... So any plans this weekend?
  7. kwl ive just finished watchin shamen king it was ok but i find it disapointing dat they didnt make another series
  8. I have just been watching naruto when it comes on have really seen or watch any new animes yet trying to find something new. Not much has been going on lately I just can't wait to move out when I graduate.
  9. not alot mostly college and hangin out with m8s and watchin anime what bout u ave u watched any new anime
  10. Hey waz up how have you been????????????????? Anything going on for this weekend?????
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