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  1. Well when I was at my aunts place I was gonna go into my lil cuz room and she has a 2 foot board in front of her room so the dogs can't get in. Well I was stepping obver it and wasn't holding on to anything and twist and bent my knee and ankle... omg! I was in sp much pain and was crying so much I was in a lot of pain... I couldn't stand or walk on it at all when it happend but now its a lot better and only hurt when I walk up and down stair which I have to do at school.... and if I bend it a seriten way...
  2. Oh my how did that happen!? O_O I hope you get better soon. You should put some ice on it
  3. Yeah it was lots of fun. I wasn't on here because I sprong my ankle and knee.... It still hurts.... manly my ankle hurts so much right now.....
  4. Oh wow thats awesome^_^ you two behave now ;P I wish my parents were like that
  5. Aw that's sweet. Yeah, I can't wait! My parents are leaving to IL. and letting me stay home and I am going to spend my whole Christmas brake and he gets to stay with me at my place hehe.
  6. Aww how adorable ^_^ my brother is doing the same for his girlfriend :3
  7. Roger is my sweet wonderful boyfriend. He got me a promise ring for christmas ^^ he is making wait till christmas to give it to me.
  8. Ah sounds like a fun weekend ^^ who is roger though? O.o
  9. I am going to be hanging out with Roger all this weekend. He is sleeping over with me on Friday if he doesn't have to work Saturday and on Saturday we're going to go visit my brother and just hangout for the rest of the day and just hangout Sunday.
  10. Ah ok then ^^ plans? Eh..nothing really besides working ^^ what about you?
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