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  1. Well she is 15 turning 16..... and she has a bf and gf lol.
  2. sabrina said that she was 18 so thats what i am going with.
  3. Yeah but I hear ur are going to be dating my friend that sabrina is setting u two up awe how cute do u know how old she is? lol.
  4. Wow that is awhile to wait to find out if you need surgery considering you probly are in pain.
  5. yeah I will find out feb. 24.................................
  6. Aww why is that and i can say surger sucks i had to get my shoulder operated on 2 years ago.
  7. Oh okay that's cool. I might need surgery on my leg.....
  8. lol yeah i hear you there i was bored til i got my labtop shipped out to this boat
  9. Oh well that's good yeah I would be bored to tears if I didn't have anything to entertain me.
  10. Yeah they give us computers mainly because our jobs would be impossible to do whith out them but we choose to use them for our own pourposes mainly to keep us form going insane, Got to love having a goverment isused labtop to email and stuff on while i sit here and watch anime on my other one.
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