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  1. Ummmmm......Ok~ay. How could he not know what he was banned for? That makes no sense. Thanks for checking for me, though. I appreciate it.
  2. He said he doesn't know what happened.......................................... ........
  3. Alright. Well, at least I know how one of them is doing. Did firelord tell you what got him banned?
  4. i talk to firelord he is doing good and dating 1 of my friends. lightingboy idk :*( its been 4ever last I been on here.
  5. They are !firelordryuuko and !lightningboy. Its been a while since I've been on so I don't know what happened.
  6. Who was the ppl that got band?????????????????????????????????????????????? ????
  7. I've been doing good here lately. When I got online, though, I noticed that two of my friends were banned. Do you know anything about it?
  8. Oh ur fine how have u been anything new???????????????????????????????????????????
  9. thanks, and I'm sorry it took me so long to answer.
  10. Oh n/p and your very welcome! just ask him how you asked me silly :P
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