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  1. .............................................. .......... .....................
  2. Yeah, It will be worth it after its over........................ ^_^
  3. Yes it's something I like, and I'm not looking forward to the eight years of extra school. It'll be worth it though.
  4. Oh hows that like???? Well at lest its something u like right?????????????? I hate more school lol.
  5. I'm majoring in Oceanography. But I have to take four years of basic college sciences first. I'm going to be in college for at least eight years. Talk about a bummer. At least I can begin to work during those years.
  6. Yeah, I can't wait to graduate and move out and my bf and best friend move in together and me and her are looking for jobs I want to work at a daycare I think it would be fun! I love lil kids. What are you majoring in??
  7. Man, thats awsome! Thanks for telling me what LMAO means, I never would have figured it out. I'm graduating May 26th. Then its off to college.
  8. Oh I'm sorry... LMAO mean laugh my as off lol. So how have you been anything new been going on with you lately? I was sick all last week it sucked.... So anything fun going on so far?.? I can't wait to GRADUATE may 29th!!! I am moving out with my bf Roger and my best friends Chelsey its going to be awesome!
  9. I just ment that it is a little jumbled up and I was having trouble making it out. The one that begins with "i did send you", I didn't mean to make you mad. What does LMAO mean? Well, anyways I'll talk to you later. Bye!
  10. Hey I have to get off and go to my next class I hope to tty next time I see you on ^_^ have a nice day take care bye
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