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  1. What you mean my typing is all over the place????????? LMAO
  2. Yeah, I am in science class right now were having a free period so we don't have to do anything :P LOL Well that's good to here your doing good ^^ Well you don't need a bf to have plans silly you can out your self or with your girls :P ^^ but has anything new been going on with you lately you are right it has been awhile. I don't have school Friday or Monday so I wont be on here...
  3. Girl, you ok? Your typing is all over the place. Well, I'm glad you sent me a message.
  4. Not much is up, just sitting here in physics class not doing my work. My day is great so far. And I don't have anything planned for the weekend. I don't have a boyfriend to plan it with.
  5. ^_^ I did I sent you You'll get it don't worry your the first I sent once I saw you one hehe.
  6. Hey girl waz up? Hows your day going so far?.? anything planed for this weekend?.?
  7. Hey girl, I noticed that you are online. What, to busy to say hi. I haven't heard from ya in a while.
  8. On getting back together.................. ...........................................
  9. Well thats good to hear, I guess. What does he mean by 'he wouldn't give up a second chance'?
  10. Zach told me he loves me and wants to get back together he said if he didn't he wouldn't give up a second chance...
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