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  1. Well don't do anything hasty. You need to make sure that Zack still loves you before you break up with Roger. Ok? I hope this doesn't offend you, I'm just saying what I think about all of this.
  2. Roger that's that one I am dating and my ex is Zach I was with him and stupidly left him for Roger and I still with all my heart love Zach...
  3. I have been just fine. I see that you said you are in love with two guys. You said one is your ex. Who is the other one?
  4. Well I am under stress that's for sure about me in love with 2 guys... but I am just so down and starting to hate love.. but I guess I will have to get over it cause I do want to be with my ex but my parents are making it to were I can't so I guess I am stuck. I am okay just a lil down... How have you been?
  5. Hey dark angle, its been awhile since I heard from you. Are you doing ok?
  6. That is sad. I don't know how you managed that, I definitely couldn't live with it. I hope pain and stress won't bother you so much in the near future.
  7. Yeah I hate pain I been under lot of stress and pain as always been with me I guess sadly..
  8. Woa, sounds like you had it rough. I never would have been able to move if that happened to me. I don't have a very high tolerance for pain.
  9. awe I'm sorry to hear that.... Yeah I feel on my back once when I was like 9 and feel of my slide and landed right on my back and I was by myself and I lose my breath and I had to walk into the house and laid on my parents bed and yelled for them it hurt and felt like I couldn't breath..
  10. Man, it sounds like you did quite a number. I hurt my back when I went sledding Tuesday. Part of the hill we were sledding on had a drop off and when I went down it I landed wrong. A friend of mine said it looked like I went forward and backwards at the same time. I screamed when it happened, it hurt so bad. I don't know how long I cried but the pain was so bad that I could barely walk, let alone sit down. Now it only hurts if I bend down to far forward or backwards.
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