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  1. Well I was at my aunts place and I was going over the board the my lil cuz had against her door and climed over it and wasn't holding on to anything and bent and twist my ankle and knee.. omg it hurt so bad I was in tears..... I was like crying and shaking so bad... I could hardly move my leg or stand on it at all but I can now it only hurt when I am on my knee or bend my leg in a sertin way.... or go up or down stairs which I have to at school...
  2. Hey dark angle, my weekend has been pretty good, except when I hurt my back. So, as you can see you are not the only one in pain. How did you hurt your knees?
  3. Hello Namine ^^
    Yeah same here that's what I do when I write poems. So how was ur weekend? My knee has been killing me..
  4. Hello dark angle,

    I write about what I feel and what is on my mind. I'd love to be your friend. Well I hope I can talk to you soon.
  5. Hello namine! I'm Jenny I love Naruto, Inuyasha and Vampire Knight also. So what type of poems do you write? well I hope we could be freinds.
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