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  1. No I am not getting back with Roger I am talking about Zach. Hell no I would never get back with that ass.

    Zach and I was thinking about getting back together. It was my fault I was the one who stupidly broke up with him.. >.>
  2. owow do u think ur ex willl stop all the lieing and all ? i hope he does cuz thats messed up
  3. heh awe cool sound fun and good ^^ I'm happy for you. Well I might be getting back with my ex Zach idk yet its up to him to decied. I kinda got a crush on one of my friends Jacob and he likes me too but he knows I still have feels for Zach and respects that.
  4. omg really damn well i bet ur better off without him and i might being going out with my besties freind in amonth or two idk when lol but he likes me lol he sweet lol and i have a dance this month and a dance next month so i cnt wait lol
  5. I broke up with him he was a jerk a ass and lies a lot and so a cheater and I can do better so I kicked him to the curb lol.

    ^^ so how have you been anything new?
  6. so how are u doing with ur bf r u guys still fighting alil
  7. Um I don't not something bright or dark.....................
  8. lol sweet ithink next month im going shopping im not sure lol and do u knw wat color u want
  9. Yeah, sometime this month I'm going to go shopping and look for a dress. ^^
  10. lol awsome same here i have to go shopping and i cant wait lol
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