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  1. thtz nice. Hey i wanted to know. When i get my game finished and designed so it can be playable. Do you want a copy so u can test it out and tell me what need to be changed and other stuff?
  2. not much just having fun and relaxing todays my b-day everything has been the best and awesome I am with the most wonderful sweetest guy ever and his name is Jacob.
  3. watz up girl. Havnt tlked in a while i ope evrythinz alright. * handz u a srry card*
  4. I am doing good *smiles* awe thanks *hugs you back* :P
  5. how r u 2day angel? *hands you a rose and gives you a hug*
  6. Oh wow that's just like most of them lol mine isn't so bad I like mine.
  7. well hes a princible tht thinks the skool is his and his own
  8. Really i don't see why there's really nothing wrong with that lol.
  9. no thers nuthin rlly going on just h8 my schools princeible because now hes tellin my firend Kristen Tuttle to wear his Stud Muffin shirt inside out
  10. Hey waz up how have ya been anything new going on?????????????
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