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  1. thanks. that makes me feel better. your sweet to care so much.
    i wish i could b in a "normal" relationship" but i am unable to.
    due to my illness. no guy would put up with my mental illness.
    men need sex, which i can't do for them.
    take care, raven
  2. hey hon wuz up. i'm doing better. i felt like shit this weekend
    i was talking to this dude on face book an he neglected to tell me he was a
    bible-thumper! so cried like crazy but forgave him is that dumb of me?
    i feel so guilty for doing it i'm so confused! what do i do?
    take care, Raven
  3. still in high school huh. cool hope you get out on your own. good luck
    anywho im down in the dumpsters, why? u may ask
    well as i told u i have mental problems, i suffer from bi-polar a form of depression
    i take 200mg of meds at nite to sleep ect.
    so wat else is new w/ u? u have boyfriend? me i like being single lot less hassle.
    plus i was in a very bad 9year relationship w/ a dude who was also mentally ill.
    well take care angel. peace an darkness. Raven
  4. hey. full of turkey huh. i made a meal on thanksforgiving it was a recipe i found
    on the back of a gravy jar. it was good. yum.
    so wats new? btw r u in collage or high school? i graduated in 93" take care.
    friends, raven
  5. my thanksforgivin? boring. i really do'nt do anything im astranged from my family.
    how was yours? i'll ask him but im scared. but i'll try.
    take care. friends, raven
  6. hey sup. i jus wanna make sure he's not a christain.
    that's all but that's cool your friends w/ em.
    well take care, peace. Raven
  7. my weekend was ok. jus watched tv an junk.
    so wat's new? nothin here jus bein bored.
    well pm me soon. take care, Raven.
    ps do u know any info on gaarslover they friendrequested me
    so lmk .
  8. cool. sounds good. send me a pm sometime. i'll try to get back to u
    when i can as i still have no internet right now so im using the library's
    friends, Raven
  9. sorry about that. i was'nt tryin to judge anybody im not like that at all.
    yes i'll b your friend i ment no harm. sorry if i offended u anyway.
    i have a mental illness so i tent to jump the gun at times.
    hope u still wanna friend. well take care. Peace, Raven
  10. it has nothing to do w/ age really it's about jus being interested in anime.
    im picky cause i want friends who are'nt christain i hate them.
    they r atheist's like me an that's the only people i wanna talk to.
    also i do not like textin or bein cheerful im a goth.
    so read my profile please other wise go away.
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