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  1. okay,listen up. I'm lazy and to write the same thing on each and every single person's wall is just annoying. so this is copy, paste. I wish to ask all of you the same thing but that seems kid of pulto-ish so im gonna start a thread named YO! search it n move those fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh okay you don't know who to add ppl go to there profile and you'll see were is says friends click on that then you see on top were it says befriend click on that and you just added them as a friend. Also when someone sends you a vvisitor message read it and click View Conversation then write back because right now you been writing to yourself. and if you try to write someone back that sent you a visitor wont get it unless they look at your profile.
  3. Its ease to be someones friend in person just walk up to them and start talking to them and see how thing go and see if you would be able to be friends with them and get to know them. online it is more ease to make friends all you do is send them and talk and get to know each other and build a friendship. btw people that are cool are lame because they think there all that so I wouldn't care about being cool. Being an ordinary average person is good enough.
  4. Hey I'm Jenny I'm in high school in 12th grade! I'm very outgoing and I love hanging out with my friends. I have blond hair brown eyes 5'3'' -short I know :P- lol I love all kinds of anime. hows that? better? :P So how are ya what kind of stuff are you into?.?
  5. Hey I'm jenny wanna be friends??????????????????????
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