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  1. Oh really you do to? Awesome! I thought I was the only one my nana can too thou.I know it is like your in your own world and free to think and do whatever you want lol.
  2. Ik ! i see shadows too and feel like somethin is near .and day dreaming is awesome too ^_^ it's like ur free to create ur own world =D
  3. I love daydreaming it is the only time to take your mind of boring dull stuff and think about fun stuff.
    Yeah, same here I believe in all that I would see shadows and feel like something is here or near. Yes its a very interesting subject indeed I always look into that kind of thing. That's why I got into wicca awhile back ago. But Kinda stopped that kind of thing but very still into it.
  4. Yea i believe in all that and secretly wish to be a part -timer occult researcher ...coz i see some of that crap every day ....i believe in ghost and all and they dont scare me ....okay im lying they freak me out and i would have stopped taking interest in them ..but they're such an intresting subject to stduy ..i mean what do they want? why are they here ? and so on X)
  5. I know eh? !! daydreaming is the best alternative to dull days and boring lectures .lol i remeber this one time that i asked a doubt to a teacher and when he was explainging me i started daydreaming and forgot what he said (i nodded that i understood anyway)
    no suprise why i daydreamed , it was maths ugh i hate maths >.<
  6. Oh hey what type of stuff do you believe in??????????????

    I believe in the super natural, spirits, anything really.
  7. Oh wow that dream of yours sound awful lol that would of scared me to death lol.

    Yeah I love daydreaming I get to put everything out of sight and mined lol. I daydream a lot when I am in school lol.
  8. it was about this ghost buster thingy ...the guy is blind and theres this old lady who has a ghost and balah blah .The only thing i hate about scary movies is the "aftereffects" like i saw this movie called the irng and then i went to be di was like what if samara's in the corner of my room..waiting for me ..haunting me i can be so dum at times . The youngest dream i remeber is that i was alone with my mom in a village annd she was sick and wanted water , so i had to get water from the river ..and it was night (what was i thinking!) and as soon as i took the water and turned to leave , this lady's hair covered face appears out of the river and she pulls me into the lake from my ankle
    I love daydreaming its so @_@ ^^
  9. Oh you did what was the story about? Well I just got back from lunch and replying back to pplz. Yeah same here I'll be like ugh why do I have to get up lol.

    No I remember all my dreams from when I was lil and till now. I hate scary movies I don't mind them I just don't really much like them lol.

    Well one weird dream I had was when I was like 7yrs old and I was walking out at night walking around in the woods I saw this wolf and I guess it took me in and I became part wolf some how. >< I end up getting shot lol then I woke up lol.

    I day dream all the time dose that count? lol
  10. That cant happen ..actually we all dream but we just dont remeber them ..even babies dream! ... o yea im downloading paranormal activity coz ifeel like scaring myself effectively for once lol .tell me some ur weird dreams btw ^^
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