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  1. ohio eh ? nice =) 2 of the stories i wrote were beased in ohio ^_^.I hate waking up early in the mroning too ! i wake up and ill be staring at the ceiling and be like Why?!why do i gotta go?! so watchya doin ? ^_^
  2. Yeah, I use to have weird dreams but to tell you the truth I just don't dream no more I haven't had a dream in a long while lol. Werid...
  3. Yeah, I feel you on that one I don't really like shopping either lol. Oh cool I already posted one of my new poems a few days ago. Let me know how yours turn out Yeah on the 24th to the 29th I think I have no school! THANK GOD! lol I hate going to school and having to wake up early lol. Amanda is a small town in the state of Ohio Amanda is close to columbus and Lancaster.
  4. o yea and btw the freaky dreams are about ..well freaky stuff this dark shadow thing which flew over me and then i started twisting like hell coz the life was being sucked out me or somethin 0.0 i woke up and had that exhaled air feeling , like when you run and then breathe in and the breathe is all dry and stuff cant explain it well ^-^ .and ive dreams about strangers and i only remeber their names there was a girl ludlow somethin somethin ..........
  5. ^^ Hi ! yay a lot has been going on ..cuse its festivity in our city so my folks have goon out for shopping i hate shopping=P i find it pointless i dunno why though ..and im gonna a write a poem soon ..when i find concentration back .We're free for a whole week! no teachers no manners and all that =D .I feel lost these days =P .Where's Amanda btw ?
  6. Hey how was your weekend?
    Anything new going on you lately?
  7. :| ugh I hate tests! I wish we didn't have to batter with them lol. Oh dreams about what? o.o You wrote 5 stories? I haven't wrote a story in a long time lol. What kind of story is it? I have bene good This weekend I am going to be hanging out with my bf Roger! The area I live in it is kinda cold right now but kinda warm lol but it is a good place it out in the country I am in a small town called Amanda. I love living out in the country! You doing anything this weekend?
  8. Nah not much (not if u include tests!) and Ive been having freaky dreams and stuff o yea and i wrote like 5 stoiries a part of english that is ...=D what about you ?how's the area that you live in ? =)
  9. Hey waz up how have you been anything new going on with you today?
  10. Oh cool sounds fun I never tryed to write a haiku I might have to try to sometime I haven't posted a poem in a long while lol. IGCSE's waz that? Yeah next week I have to study for my OGT's sadly.... lol
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