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  1. awwww thank you it means alot i will try to get sometime today ok sweetie talk to you soon.
  2. that is great i'm very happy for you and i will call i just need to find time frist then i will promise i had long day at work had to be more sweet than i normally am.
  3. i'm good and that is good that you and your man are trying to make things work i'm very happy for you i will try and call at some time ok.
  4. i'm good just working on a few things but other then that i'm doinf good.
  5. hey honey that is great i'm so pround of you and that is great the best of luck really.
  6. ok i'll see what i can do really today is my long day with class, my show, and a lot more trust me there is a lot but i'll do my very best ok sweetie? lol
  7. yes you did tell me about him i'm so happy for you and surprise! i might get to see my bf tuesday he told me he would let me know he is very good at that and he is the best one for me but we will stay in touch you and me.
  8. hey i thought i'd stop in let you know that i'm in my new place and back on everyday so you can start wring me back now.
  9. hey there sweetie i'm fanilly back on and we can talk again and chat no matter what.
  10. yes that is so ture and hey i had that with a few guys to when i was young to but hey sometimes it works out very well and that is how i have a lot of guys wanting me now but all i want is one and now i have the best one he has been here for a long time.
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