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  1. yeah i understand hopfully you can after a while fin a new heart love and know why your meant to be.
  2. oh no what happend? i'm so so so very very very sorry i had no idea sweetie i'm so sorry i will do whetever i can.
  3. lol right on you got the power and contorl you go i'm so happy for you and no you have the best guy ever your very very very lucky.
  4. he won't stop til he gets you back try telling him he swerd up and no he has to pay the price for meesing up.
  5. yeah all i have to do is just keep trying and i hope he got that one i gave to his sister i think it was.
  6. yeah i think so i just have to see if he will answer any of my calls and fin out the truth.
  7. yes that is true i'm worried thogh cause i called him last night and i think what i was told he was in the E.R. and that kills me.
  8. hey your single and very sweet i can see no reson why the guys would not be hitting on you since your one of those great people.
  9. yes that is so very ture i know it may seem hard and a bit useless at times but really it will be worth it in the long run you will see.
  10. you go my gurl your the best and now you can really fly and everything will be fine and soon it will be time to love again.
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