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  1. "yeah you go i'm so happy for you" really i am you got the power and sregth i saw it and now you found it and can use it and say i amm a woman but i'm very strong and happy.
  2. yeah i've always heard that sometimes it seems dum but it does hlep sometimes i know after hearing it so many times.
  3. yes i know what you mean but i don't know if you hear this but everthing happens for a reson and i think it is always for the better.
  4. i would hope so this is the bigest time for you and i'm very happy and pround of you and you will do very well i know it!
  5. ok thank you i will try since i'm not sure what will come up or go on who knows i just have to wait and see.
  6. i think both of us are waitting for that and i just can't wait but hopfully my freind alex might come with me tommrrow.
  7. no not right now but that might chage since today i ran into a very good old freind of mine today we will see.
  8. hey that is thes best you can do just rember you need anything or not you can always count on me really you can.
  9. he does not disevere you no matter what and i will do anything to hlep you out that is what i do for my freinds always.
  10. he has lost the right to say he loves you cause he does not and since he seems to still be with the ex that is even worse but you disevre better and now he need to understand that no one treats you the way is is if you need hlep let me know
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