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  1. really what happend what did he do to you i sear if he hurt you in anyway it will come back on him and he will suffer more then he made you but still oare you ok tell what happend my freind i'm here fore you.
  2. wow that is great i'm happy for you reallyu now i need a few dates hope that i can have to wait a few days.
  3. wow way to go great job i'm so happy for you and i'm pround of you to rerally this is a grat thing.
  4. really why are you stressed? sorry don't meant to pry but it is very hard to be all stressed out i know.
  5. i'm okay now and there is one i can't wait to talk and spend time with i hope so but who knows.
  6. well some guys just bitting it to be around me but it is more like walking all over me but i'm good tweaked my ankle yesterday in a gopher hole i hate that they are cute but not nice.
  7. i'm glad that we are freinds to and it means a lot to have great freinds like you and others that i have you guys are my second faimly.
  8. awww thank you so much and hugs you back your very sweet thank you i'm glad that we are freinds really thanks.
  9. no nothing for the frist time i don't like this day i've had a lot of bad things happen to me on this day the past cuople of years even if i had a bf it was bad. happy valintines day
  10. i'm ok no bruies but what my bother did was still worng but my mom will never know but my bf will.
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