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  1. no not much and i don't even think i can see the one i want it is hard if he finds out about this with me not telling him he is going to really really really mad.
  2. i understand that sweetie really i do but things will work out i know just stay strong and loving as always and evrything will wok for you i know this.
  3. then go for it you have every right to be happy and i'm rotting for you no matter what you need this.
  4. really? if you think that is a good idea then you should i just want you to be safe and well and truly loved you need that.
  5. not really i would like my freind to vsist but i don't know how to make that work with his work and everything else but i hope soon.
  6. really good and then i have some really good freinds and we get in touch a lot right now since a few good things will come.
  7. yeah i know how that is and trust me as more time goes it will be less painful and i know it kinda like my ex thogh we talk but not to much.
  8. i know but don't give up on love that would make it a lot worse trust me i know i did once and i never will do that again.
  9. yeah hey i know what you mean it is dealing with the heart so that is so very tricky if you can understand that.
  10. don't worry soon you will know just need to know for sure what is up but good you don't have any pain that is a very good thing.
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