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  1. ohhh that does not sound good at all i'm so sorry to here that but just know i'm here for you always.
  2. yeah i know what you mean when you know let me know and i will pray for you no matter what ok?
  3. yeah i know how that is i have some drmara here as well and one guy wants me to act like there is none even thuo it travels in his wake most of the time.
  4. no sometimes i just have to deal with my own feelings since there very out of wack right now and i just don't know how to make them work.
  5. w're doing well and things are getting better thank you so much and i'm sweet really just some people hate that.
  6. i can send one to you but i won't post kindna gets me into trouble can how real they are i'm ok mad that i still have pain but it is ok and trying to find out why some of my old freinds from high school hate me so much.
  7. oh no i know how you feel really i've done that many times well my ankle many times my knee once still it does not hurt any less i missed you to i've been having poetry waitting to come out for a long time other then what you said how are you?
  8. hey thought i'd stop by since i won't be on for two weeks since my seargery it tommrrow moring so i just wanted to let you know i will miss you.
  9. hey i love your peotry it is really cool i think you have the best gift for it i really do.
  10. yes that is true i know how things are me all is good and next week is my maricle wish to happen and then everyone will get to meet the new me after i'm better.
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