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  1. well you can and it would be where your path leads you this is where mine lead me and now i know it was the right chioce for me my sweet freind.
  2. no i dont want any kids well to brith them but adaptoin would be ok along with my bf and i get it nexted week yay!
  3. i need it so i have no moremoons or ever have kids and i know it will make everything a lot better and then i can do what needs to happen.
  4. yes everything is fine just need this to make my life a bit easier since i have made up my mind and i know this is the best dicsion for me to do.
  5. well the show and then nothing for a while intuil the 23rd and then it will be my sgery day and tons of good luck on that day.
  6. yeah thanks that is very sweet of you and i'm sure it will be very good i can't see how i'm soo good at this.
  7. thanks i'm working hard on it right now and can't what to see what i can really do along with the one i'm trying finish right now too.
  8. it is about a femle that got beat up pttrey badly and goes to a hostpail and has a danmn hot doctor and then the end up getting married.
  9. ok that works since have a new short story to sart writing.
  10. yes thank you same to you have a kick ass weekand and we will talk again soon.
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