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  1. yeah i know what you mean but as long as you kick the sickness out and it is easier if you cacth it soon but i know what its like un like what i had once.
  2. thanks i know i spoke to him and told him to make sure and kick this flu out and get better thank you so much.
  3. hey thanks my day is ok but i have nothing planned for the weekand there is not to much but i do need a lot of things to be fixed so will see if it does happen.
  4. i don't have a cell phone sorry but that is the olny thing other wise i would.
  5. hey there i thought i have sometime so i'd let you know that i am back home and you can cacth me now.
  6. i live with my bother have to cause i'm not good with money it is not my favrite thing in the world but yeah it is just me and my bother.
  7. my weekend was ok i guess life for me here at my apartment isn't the best but i have no way to finout if kenny is around but this weekend i will be speninding with my mom somthing came up last night and if i go there it should stop and then not come until it is time.
  8. i can't i have nothing to do that sorry i wish i did and my mom's computer can't have this site accessed on it or it will chrash so it really sucks but that is how things are.
  9. thanks i know i got some pictures taken of me at class last night so that was really cool.
  10. well i have velet pants that have fairc like flames a the bottoms and then i have a velet top bra top and velet arm bands as well as a shlaw and glod cion blet and necklace and fake roses in our hair.
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