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  1. Hey... im bored..... wbu?...... so tired...... been puking 4 2 days...... it stomach hurts really wht have u been up 2?
  2. HELLO???? IS ANYONE THERE? i am soooo...... bored. trying to get this assignment done 4 english but idk anything. i feel sooo..... dumb right now!!!!
  3. hey. what's up? nm here just bored............................. trying 2 get study island done.
  4. Hey girl waz up?????????????????????????????????????????????
  5. Hey jenny. what's up?? nm bored in art... have u wrote me back yet?
  6. Write me back!!!!!! I wrote you on private messaging!
  7. really. im really mad. wbu? im really stressed out about this trip.
  8. Hey girl waz up? damn my ankle is killing me... the meds are really wearing off...
  9. not very good me and sarah arent getting along i like the same kid she likes and its causing trouble between us. but thats it thts cool,awesome!!!!!
  10. Hey taylor how have you been I get to have 3 Christmases one this weekend at my aunts place the other with my mom and dad and nana and the other with Roger hehe. My parents are leaving to IL. and letting me stay home and I am going to spend my whole Christmas brake and he gets to stay with me at my place hehe. I can't wait! hehe.
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