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  1. u can if u want to or u can be a naruto charcter. im dedara. and the fanfic just needs to resimble naruto shippuden. thats pritty much it. oh and its under fanfics on the forms!
  2. Hmm so do I need to make a character and what all info do I need?.?
  3. u should join my naruto fanfic! just please pm me ur character.
  4. Oh okay well that's cool ^^ I love to wear my fave colors and depending what looks best on me >.>
  5. i like purple and green but im whereing blue tho...............................
  6. I am going good! ^^ Oh so whys that? I love purple~!~ that's my fave color! ^^
  7. true... so how are you today???? my color of the day today is blue!
  8. Yeah, same but I just brush it off and be like w/e its a waste of my time to let somthing small bug me.
  9. i hate when small things do that. its like they get under my skin.
  10. Yeah, ^^ I try and not let small lil things bug me much.
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