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  1. ok...guess ill ttyl....have a good day....or night...what ever, illget it right eventually.
  2. Lol, well it was nice chatting with you but I have to go out now. Take care.
  3. that sounds for the whole biting too hard...i only bite as hard as a person
  4. If you're nocturnal then maybe you really are a vampire. As long as you don't bite hard, it's ohkay. My baby cousin's just grown some teeth & he'll bite my hand so hard, but I can't really rip my hand away 'cuz I might hurt him, so it's like a self-sacrifice lol.
  5. yep...when the moon is up, im like avampire, cuz i even like to bite, lol. i just dont do the whole sucking thing....on ANYTHING! i always say, sorry im a biter, not a sucker
  6. Why do you stay up so late (or early)? You're nocturnal lol.
  7. almost 430 in the morning...almost time for me to go to bed...i usually dont hit the sack until 5 or 6...but then again,i did fall asleep earlier
  8. I'm browsing through threads right now. It's 7:23pm here, what about you?
  9. hey you!!!! what ya doing???? right now im listening to disturbed. sooooo.....what time is it where youre at now?
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