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  1. sounds cool
    well i went 2 get some t-shirts on saturday and hanged out with my friend and her friend she came along way from where i live and she stayed over the night @ my friends and we realy had a good time
    guns n roses is a rock band from the 80's they r really good
    i love rock/heavy metal music
    bye take care
  2. I was at the beach yesterday 'cuz it was great weather, and today I'm at home doing my assignments. Shucks, it's good weather today as well lol. What've you been up to?
    Guns & roses? Ohkay then lol. Yeah it's a cool combination.
  3. lol ok then
    how r u???
    what have u been up 2???
    i got a guns n roses top yesturday soory its just really cool
    i love guns n roses
    take care
  4. Sorry about that last comment - I got you mixed up with someone else lol. Here's fine. It's the other profile page thing that I'm not too comfortable with.
  5. ok how should i talk 2 ya then???
    so pls reply whenever u can
    take care bye
  6. Yeah sure we can be friends. Let's not post comments on the, what do you call it? Profile page? I don't see the point in having a forum profile page and a separate profile page. It's more convenient here.
  7. hi wanna b friends????
    my name is emily but ppl call me emm and sometimes sakura b/c i can b crazy like her
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