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  1. Tell her: "It was fine before you came" xDD
  2. I have a message from dani: "You smell =]"

    Anyhow, let's ignore her immaturity. xD
  3. Cccccc uuuuu.
  4. Haha have fun at your new job then. Imma get off dani's comp now lawl. Ttyl.
  5. Yeah, it is obvious. 5 more years of hell for you! xD

    The training is for a take away; BBQ chicken. It'll be stressful though, lol.
  6. Fun lol. What's the training for?

    No I hate studying. Is it that obvious? xD My course goes for 6 years, so I'll finish in another 5 years. Dang.
  7. Eh, I didn't. I was the slacking off guy back then xP I'm getting my training in the City right now, lol.

    Haha you don't like anything to do with study do you xD When do you finish uni?
  8. Work experience? Sounds fun. Didn't you do that in year 10 or something?

    Nah I don't miss school. Can't wait to get out of uni either. I don't think it'll rain on Christmas day, but I don't think it'll be sunny either.
  9. LOL rich boy xDD

    I'm going to have a job next year. Not for a long time ... just need work experience.
    Do you miss school and all?
    Damn it's rainy on Christmas.
  10. Yeah, jobs are meant to be boring. The only good part is the money part. I don't actually have a job. Good thing my dad's made out of money or something.
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