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  1. YEa. I know. I where at school today. My fever came back and I began to see double
  2. wow. That seems really odd. :/ They should give u time to recover a little better
  3. I have been sick more than almost 2 month now... Somehow, I dropped out of school for 2 month, And when I'm fine again, I start school again... Crazy, huh?
  4. damn your sick? ouch. That really sucks. Especially, if your on break. :[
  5. Well yea, it quiet late, but happy new year to you too. Nothing much happen at my place, so it really boring... What more, I am even sick! And you?
  6. Hola! Happy new years! (even though it's kinda late.. but, whatever) so, what's up?
  7. heh. i like Itachi as a kitty!! =^-^= lol. I see you later, ace! XD
  8. I gotta go now. See you soon ^^ Nighty night zzzzzzz
  9. Heya! Cute picture of Itachi, by the way >.< Whats up?
  10. Yeah. But I mostly learn when I watch them talk. I learn faster that way
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