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  1. yea. i know wat you mean. God. i think she's getting old. Her oldtimers must be kicking in. xD
  2. THank you!!!!!!
    i hate when she tries! its not had 2 remmber!!! it BS n it kills me!
  3. yea. My mom still trying not to buy PINK! But she still does any way and she still doesnt understand that i will never wear it!
  4. well it took awhile to get it through her moms still getting used to the No-Pink-Cloths!!!! rule...
  5. omg... i think she got the picture after when u told her that... And, my mom got me this pink shirt...and i just felt like burning it!!!
  6. i just got more cloths. guess the color.... PINK! my aunt (she bought them) asked if they fit. i said "i doesn't matter i'm not going to wear it." boy did she look dumfounded.
    U'd think she'd get a hint
  7. I know.. It's like parents want their kids to wear pink (if there a girl) :P Which is freakin' retarded! xD
  8. yea lol i hate that everyone wants girls to wear pink all the time. there's other colors. thats Right!!! XD
  9. really? wow. Same here! And, i'm still goth! lolz =] lol, once you goth, you never turn back! And, idk why girls wear pink! it's disgusting! ewwwwwwwieee! xD
  10. i bascially refoused to wear it. looking at my wordrobe i have AlOT of pink thing. that wat kills me. Y does everyone think girls hav 2 wear pink?
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