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  1. i wouldn't say weird... cuz thats wat i did.
    most would say yeah thats kinda no very weird but hey thats me!
  2. ugh. same here. My parents forced me to wear pink when i was 7. I burned everything that was pink. Well... Not everything, lol When I was 9, i started to wear black and semi-Gothic stuff. Weird for a 9 year old, huh?
  3. SAME Here!!!! all my life i was forced 2 wear pink. i can't stand it!
    i lov green, red, light blue, purple, black n light pastell colors.
  4. same here buddy! lol. My favorite color is actually green. And, there's red, black, purple, white and a bunch of colors. EXCEPT FOR PINK! I can't stand PINK! It doesn't look good on me.
  5. um yeah... normal everyday hell....
    any thing new with u?
    whats ur fav color?
  6. oh noes! xD lolz. So, anything new with you? :P...........
  7. welcome! i was bothering my mom 4 2 weeks about it. i made sure i was going 2 c it! i missed the first...
  8. lol. Thanks! Your soooo lucky that you saw that! I don't even know it's playing near over here. I saw the 1st Death note movie.
  9. lolz! i know i find that funny!
    me n my friend went 2 c the Death Note movie 2-No name. it showed only for 2 days, it was so good! i love ur pic of L eatinr the big lollie!
  10. lol. I like Death note and Hariuhi too. How's life for you. And, i just realized that our names are similar! how weird
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