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  1. Ok how was your day?????
    And depressing???
    what dou mean?
  2. awwwwwww :'[ Can we stop talking about "death" I mean. It's kind of depressing....
  3. Its been boring but soon ill die because of Dietbeatease
  4. okay..... so. How's everything going before you die.... you know i shouldn't be a total b**** to you because, i don't even know you.
  5. yueah thats about it and if i die no one will know!!!!!
  6. alright... come on. stop being so depressed. Turn your frown upside down. ^-^ your so depressed. Just remember. You have internet friends
  7. [wel i dont really care!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Nope i rather die than live now in this world that is unpure!!!!!!
  9. Nope because they all despise me at my school!!
    and i only have ibternet friends!!
  10. But u dont have everyone hate you!!!!! and be alone
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