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  1. That is so noy true people are haeters in my school gangs and popular so yeah i dont fit in anywhere!
  2. awww... to sum people that might not be true......
  3. that what i can tell the truth to most people but they hate me!Q
  4. awwww... I'll talk 2 u! i don't see why no one will talk 2 u? people r jerks!
  5. yeah but i hate people that does not talk because they hurt all my feelings!!!!!!!
  6. dude... That sucks! a lot ((( ...................
  7. Its been hell becuase i hate lots of people at school and i talk to a few friends!
  8. awwww.... thanks! so, hows life going for you? ...............
  9. thank you very much i just have them lieing around and put them herre!
  10. lol, ur Bleach pictures are awesome! i love them :3
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