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  1. aww that sucks!!!!!!!!! I hate essays!!!!!!! I'm gonna kill the guy who invented them, even if he's dead! }=)
  2. not much really... typing an essay........ it's a waste of time
  3. I know 0_0' outside the school is warm than the inside...and what makes it worse is that everyone is grumpy...there's fights in my school. than any school I been to. -_-'
    so...what's new with you?
  4. dude, your school turns on the Ac why? it's not even hot up here... it's cold! it's freakin' freezing!
  5. nothing new I just feel like burning down my school. because it's the middle of Oct. and the staff still have that damn A.C. on!!! 0_o"
  6. nothing new..but I feel like burning my school down cause' it's the middle of Oct. and the still have the A.C on!! 0_o"
  7. i'm actually getting used to the weather up here... ^-^ anything new?
  8. thank you ^_^
    but i'm starting to hate the weather here -_-''
  9. wow................ That's awesome dude!!! ^-^ ^-^ ^-^
  10. yup yup...I live in Brooklyn and sometimes in Manhattan.
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