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  1. Likewise ^^
  2. cool I think your awesome dude and if u ever need any help let me know ok
  3. I like to help people, I used to be down a bad path where I was smoking and drinking and hanging with a bad crew, and I wised up before it got to late and I want others to realize they can do the same.
  4. wow your the coolest friend Ive ever had no one is every serious with me anymore my friends are to scared to actually be serious with me lol
  5. Fighting is never the way, see I try to follow the philosophy of Buddhism. Worrying about ignorant pinheads like this women is wasted energy, she is but a block in your mental mindset. Patience is a virtue, and in time she will become never a problem to you again.
  6. yeah that sounds like a good idea I always feel down because of her she always cut me down she got me so mad to a point I almost punched her but my dad stopped me just in time
  7. Well thanks your cool too ^^. My main point is, find an outlet for yourself whether it be drawing, reading, singing, or anything else to help forget about the anger and nonsense that you deal with.
  8. cool and thanks remind if I ever have a problem to talk to you bout it your really cool
  9. I express myself through the art of movement., if you search the videos on my channel you will find some videos that are related to a French discipline called parkour, this is what I use to get away from it all, so to speak.
  10. really? howd you do that? I really hate bein angry all the time
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