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  1. oo so that what is mean lol then in this case XD i am sure that i am not bisexual lol XD i just like guys guys are the only thing that i feel attractive to XD NYAAA ~ ... ooo you have been working out a lot ? XD you should sleep out alot too ^_- like i do ... lol .... =^_^=
  2. lmao!!!! wow well Im a lesbian which means I date girls only bisexual means u date guys and girls if ya find them attractive and straight is when u only date guys, and lol nothin much over here just been workin out a lot
  3. bisexual ?? XD this is the first time i hear about this word lol XD , and what is up ummm XD nothing really just watching animes and reading books X3 , or playing games XD , T,T i know it is an boring life XB but what i can do >,< ... what about you ? ... =^_^=
  4. lol I think that means your bisexual :P I think anyway wuttsup
  5. ooo XD i understand now lol ... ummm well i like guys X3 , and ummm i can say girls too XD girls to me are like my sisters XD lol ^,^ lol but guys more ^-^ ... =^_^=
  6. I meant lol do u like only guys or do u like girls and guys or just girls?
  7. T,T it is really poor me lol , straight ?? XD i didn't understand what you meant but it ? ... =^_^=
  8. aww you poor thing :P I love horror movies oh yeah I was gonna ask if u were straight or not lol
  9. lol well yeah i see nightmares XS , i saw the Ring before like 2 years and until now i can't stay alone with the TV lol , i think i can't handle it XD ... =^_^=
  10. aww but horror movies are awesome!!! but then again if u cant handle them and get nightmares real easy I can understand that lol
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