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  1. That's nice. My weekend was okay I guess, I really do much.
  2. it was hellla good i dyed my hair lil more lol but its hella cute!!!!! how was ur weeken??????
  3. Hi. So how are you doing, was your weekened nice?
  4. Hi lol and school= Bleh. . .
  5. Well that sucks. Was it a good dog? Why did you have to put it down?
  6. We haD to put my dog down:,(
  7. Why is that? What happened to make today such a sad day?
  8. Lol same today was a very very sad day:,(. .
  9. Boring, I kept trying to get stuff done, but my family kept interrupting me.:rolls eyes:
  10. lol yea ugg i hate school sometimes lol , it sucks and how was ur weeeken?
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