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  1. Nothing much, just boring old school school school.
  2. Lol thx and so what's up. . .. .
  3. I don't think it sounds boring. I think it makes you sound nice.
  4. Haha yea. It's boring to me lol XD. .
  5. That sounds interesting. I like your Biography.
  6. I have purple bangs and the rest is blonde and under is going to be purplelol what dou like about my "about me"
  7. It was okay I guess. What color is your hair now? I can't quite remember but was your "About Me" always like that? I like it.
  8. pretty good and i got dif colored hair lol how was ur break??
  9. Hi. I'm back from my christmas break. How are you doing?
  10. Hi back. How are you doing? You seem happy judging by the visitor message you sent me.
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