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  1. Yeah she lives alone. But we all had a great time. So how was your weekend?
  2. Does your grandma live all on her own? she must want comfort.
  3. I'm sure she will, since most of the family will be there.
  4. Oh that's so sad to hear. hope she has a lovely birthday party.
  5. Yeah, it'll be nice to see her. It's been tough for her every since my great- grandpa died.
  6. Well at least you can see her and spend time with her on her birthday she will be happy to see you.
  7. Yeah I have to a party for my great- grandma's birthday. Not really all that fun but oh well.
  8. Your student at high school? wicked. Are you doing anything fun this weekend?
  9. I am currently using my school's computer. I and currently for a living I go to high school.
  10. So who's computer your on now? It's fun to play games that are your kind of game. So what do you do for a living?
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