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  1. Oh, yeah I'm a huge fan of Durarara, but I never really pay attention to the credits to see the creators' names. Yeah, I try to get on as often as I can, run across a few friends, but I'd be happy to keep this site going.
  2. Actually, that was my mistake. I meant to type Noboru Takagi, who's is the responsible writer for the anime Durarara!!. I noticed your Izaya avatar and then confirmed your interest by checking out your profile. It seems you've been around here for a while, I've never gotten the chance to notice you.

    As you can tell, the site's losing its breath and not many people are creating many threads or just regularly posting. Hopefully you'll be around a bit more frequently to help this old ship stay afloat for a bit longer.
  3. I thought it was Japan, but I said Asia just to be safe. It's nice to meet you Chris, and I've never heard of "Ryohgo Narita". Can you explain what or who it is?
  4. Feudal Japan to be most specific. You weren't wrong but your assumption conveyed an entire continent. That should be considered cheating, perhaps. Nice to meet you, my name's Chris. By the looks of your profile I can suppose that you're a Ryohgo Narita fan.
  5. Hi. Judging by your Profile, I'm guessing your a fan of Feudal Asia. Am I wrong?
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