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  1. On here? No I don't. Here you mainly discuss anime and manga.
  2. Ohh. Thats cool. So you mostly just greet people? Do you watch anime or read manga?
  3. Me personally? I've started several threads, and I talk in some of them, but mainly I chat with people here.
  4. . Of course. What do you do here? I have only posted in several places.
  5. Don't we all? I'm sure you'll hear about a lot of animes and mangas here.
  6. Well I like watching anime and I read some manga. I mostly watch shows with action. Like Fairy Tail.
  7. That's good to hear. So what exactly are your interests?
  8. Hi and thanks I am enjoying my time here. It is awesome and i try to read everything that interests me.
  9. Hello. I see you're new here. Let me welcome you, are you enjoying your time so far?
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