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  1. May i ask what bauthers you my friend? how is your day going? what you doing this weekend?
  2. I doing good, but tired and stressed. How about you my friend?
  3. nope. so how are you my friend? what have you been doing?
  4. Did you change your signature? *need 50 characters*
  5. School is going along fine, just 4 months and 1 year and I'm done.
  6. lol i know those days. i much rather be buisy then board. so how is school going?
  7. It's going nicely. I'm bored out of my mind, but it's nice.
  8. nice. so how is your day going?????????????????????????
  9. I prefer ones where the main character is a highschool student, but then as the story progresses we discover something paranormal about them. Stuff like that.
  10. That is great to hear. what kind of a story line do you like the most?
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