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  1. I check on that. And I've got to go too, music class next (but I play the bass drum so HA).
  2. im sorry i just got that message with your last one. it wasnt there before. ummm i do beleave that hotmail should work for yahoo as well. well i have to go. next class is history. oh the freaking joy. Bye love talk later.
  3. I said just a little while ago that I don't have a Yahoo! account.
  4. yeah i know hey by the way do you have a yahoo account if so i am on yahoo right now and i can IM you.
  5. Don't do that, then we couldn't talk!
  6. i hate it more. everytime which is like on every website that i go on. it always says that. i think that i am ready to throw this damned computer out of this second story building.
  7. And no, I don't have Yahoo!. I have Hotmail, but I don't know what the messaging relationships between the two are.
  8. I don't mind you being cute. Yeah I hate that message. It's so annoying!
  9. yes i am still trying to be cute with you. lol dont you hate this message,....... The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 50 characters.
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