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  1. Well it's the truth. There is only one thing that is interesting here at my school.
  2. Laugh out loud!!! I don't know what to say to that!!
  3. They all are.*need 50 characters**need 50 characters*
  4. Join the club *twitch so which subject is boring u to death??
  5. I hear that! I am a caffine addict! *jitter jitter jitter*
  6. Laugh out loud!!(Lol need 50 thingies) arnt u supposed to be like learning or something!! Lol just kidding stock up on some sugar u'll be awake for a while
  7. Yeah I know, I'm in school right now! And talk about a snooze fest.
  8. okay cool I know what u is just something else *rolling eyes!
  9. Not much. But regarding the video game thread we were chatting on, I'm trying to get a new idea on it (currently too busy *tearing out hair*)
  10. Aww well I'll make sure I'm on more often did I miss anything??
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